Our Story

Our owner/builder began working with local builders and carpenters about 20 years ago.  While in high school he framed houses and built and installed custom cabinets. Over the years he has remodeled numerous kitchens and bathrooms as well as several full home remodels for clients while working as a contractor.  After serving 8 years in the US Army, Kenny attended ACU and launched his first business, KB Automotive while still attending classes. The desire to build and restore homes was merely put on hold for a family business venture and to obtain a degree in business.

After completing the BBA at Abilene Christian University, the company launched in 2016 and began creating beautiful homes by completely remodeling and redesigning the floor plans of a few distressed homes. Along the way he married Laura and they started the company together by combining her marketing and real estate knowledge with Kenny’s skills and experience. Together as partners, they attended  several real estate conferences and have invested thousands of dollars in real estate and construction education  and training. They joined a nationwide real estate investing network in 2015 and began an ongoing training, education and mentorship program.

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